Magical Results

We came to Beginners Only, and Enrique Baez-Trevino, through a recommendation, and it's been quite possibly the best recommendation I've ever received. It was 1 month until my wedding date when my fiance and I had our first lesson with Enrique, and 10 lessons later, we had a wonderful foxtrot dance, set to custom music, well-rehearsed to perform in front of our closest family and friends. I have danced 20 years of my life, so I am familiar with counting music and learning dance routines, but my fiance had no previous experience, so I wasn't sure how much we would learn in such a short amount of time. But Enrique worked magic on us. My fiance learned to count music, dance the foxtrot, and spin me, and dip me just like I always imagined. And the most important thing is that Enrique made it easy for us to learn and have a great time. No drill team instruction, no illusion of competitive perfection; he accepted what we wanted to learn and patiently coached us through the skills we needed (practically wrapped in a bow!) Thank you, Beginners Only!

Meaghan W.

I Didn't Dance

Enrique is amazing. I found him on Yelp and decided to try him out. Prior to him, my fiancé and I took private dance lessons with other instructors and a group class. A little background, I have TWO left feet and I really didn't enjoy dancing at all. I had a wedding to prepare for and I really did not want to look like a fool in front of 200 close friends and family. My fiancé and I played Enrique our first song and he listened to it, in within mins, he was able to help us choreograph a dance for a slow country song. So we signed up for 10 classes it because we wanted 2 songs choreograph and I needed help learning how to dance, salsa, country, and POP. Enrique knows his stuff, he was the best instructor we found. About 6 weeks later I was well prepare for my wedding and all my family and friends knew I did not know how to dance were amazed with our moves.

Justin H.

Able to Go Dancing

My husband and I started taking lessons at Beginners Only after seeing a promotion.  It was a great choice and we decided to continue our lessons after the promotional deal ran out.  Since then, we have learned the rumba, foxtrot, swing, and even some salsa and zydeco moves.  I never thought I would be able to dance, but our instructor (Michael) made it happen!  He is so patient, knowledgeable, and is truly a pleasure to be around.  He never makes me feel embarrassed or frustrated when my two left feet take over.  He always seems to help me get it right. The other instuctor, Enrique, is very friendly and always makes us feel comfortable.  We havent taken lessons from Enrique, but a couple I spoke with said he is very creative and came up with some great moves for their wedding dance.

My husband enjoys our lessons too.  Since learning to dance, he often suggests that we "go dancing" and grab dinner.  Being able to dance has created a fun way for us to spend time together, get out of the house, and get some exercise.  It's also really neat that we are usually some of the best dancers on the floor!   Before we took our lessons at Beginners Only, I was usually too embarassed to even get on the floor.   

Jamie A.

The Place For Couples Dancing

Wow! What a great place to learn couples dancing! My girlfriend and I tried this place out.

Our instructor, Enrique, was very knowledgeable about the various dances that we wanted to learn (tango and salsa). He walked through the basic steps and variations, both the leading male and following female roles, and patiently answered any questions we threw at him.

Upon our recommendation, our friends tried it and were thrilled about the experience as well! If you're looking for dance studio to learn couples dancing, this place is it! Both group and private couples lessons were the same price. How much they charge for their services are very reasonable and often times, the best compared to their competitors.

Highly recommended! Thank you Enrique! Hope you enjoyed us as much as we have enjoyed you!

Joseph H.

Still Going

If you've ever wanted to take dance lessons, but weren't sure where to go - take it off your someday list and contact Enrique at Beginners Only Dance.

Regardless of your skill level, Enrique is really patient, guides you through each dance, and has a way of boosting confidence in your abilities. And don't let not having a partner stop you, the one-on-one lessons are great. The bonus is that it's also a good stress reliever.

I had only planned to take a few lessons, but it's been almost 10 months and I'm still going every week, which says a lot.

Kathy S.

Enjoyable Wedding Hit

Thank you so much, Michael!  We had such a great time learning the foxtrot for our first dance at our wedding!  My fiance (now husband) surprised me with lessons three weeks before the big day.  We had a total of 6 lessons, and honestly, it was really the most enjoyable part of our wedding preparations.  I'm not a dancer at all, but Michael was so patien and was able to teach us everything in such a short amount of time.  He choreographed our dance number to "Love is Here to Stay" by Gene Kelly. We wowed our guests at the reception!  I highly recommend Beginner's Only, Michael is great!

Cheryl M.


Whether you're learning to dance on your own or with a partner, Beginners Only Dance Studio offers you ballroom dancing lessons and you can learn at your own pace.  Skilled teachers will give you instruction in dances like Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Rumba, Samba, Two Step, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango and Salsa dance lessons! 

Even if you think you have two left feet, Beginners Only Dance Studio will teach you step by step what you need to know to glide effortlessly on the dance floor.

Have a wedding coming up?  Beginners Only specializes in wedding dance lessons. Bring your own music (or use ours). Enrique and his staff will choreograph a first dance just for you on your special day. Your wedding guests will remember polished you looked on the dance floor long after the wedding.

Some studios charge more for couples' instruction, but not at Beginners Only Dance Studio. It's the same low price whether you're learning by yourself or with a partner.